Ms soon to be Mrs. K

At first when I decided to move my office and studio back into my home I was not that excited. From a financial point it made more sense but making choice for financial reasons are never fun. However after making it mine and customizing it this has been the best decision ever. I love it when girls come over for their boudoir sessions are are so nervous to get in front of the camera but as soon as they step into the studio they feel at home and relaxed. I think being in my home makes people feel more comfortable and shows through when they get their picture taken. 

studio boudoir pictures San_francisco_boudoir_photographer__0010 San_francisco_boudoir_photographer__0005 San_francisco_boudoir_photographer__0006 San_francisco_boudoir_photographer__0007 Bride's boudoir pictures before she is getting married San_francisco_boudoir_photographer__0002 San_francisco_boudoir_photographer__0004 San_francisco_boudoir_photographer__0001 San_francisco_boudoir_photographer__0000


I love being able now to shoot in natural light, Strobe, and hot lights. I can really mix things up and try new things.