How to save $$ and make your wedding stand out

Of course, you want to throw one epic bash. A wedding and reception that your guests will talk about for years. The very last thing you will want is yawns and glances at watches. I know you don’t want to find Nana snoozing in the corner. The hardest to impress guests get bored easily and may try to duck out early.

By now you have seen gobs of wedding ideas. The wedding magazines and Pinterest have so many ideas, it makes a gal’s head spin. Of course having a wedding that stands out is important, but so is staying on budget! A unique and unforgettable wedding is a lot of hard work, and it becomes very hard to save money at the same time. By the time you impress the wedding party and the family with amazing ideas, your budget may feel smashed.

Your soiree should make time stand still. It should make all the single ladies pine for such a fantastic bash. Make memories that last forever. Impress your guests with standout details. Then smile and swim in the compliments you get on your big day!

So, let’s get you planning and throwing the best bash ever...without breaking the bank!

  • Make a list of what is most important to you at the end of the day. What do you want your guests to feel? What do you want them to experience? This can be as easy as setting a scene or theme. Romance? Rustic? Formal? Relaxed?
  • Go non-traditional on some things. It really is ok to think out of the box. Traditions today can be anything BUT traditional. Begin a new trend. Be unique and true to your personality. It’s your wedding, you can skip what you want too!
  • Have a signature cocktail.  You could forgo the pricey full bar, and do bride and groom signature cocktails. This will make your reception feel so personal.
  • Skip the traditional cake cutting. Remember, that thinking out of the box thing? How about releasing paper lanterns? Planting a tree? Unity candle? Or you can go old-school tradition of just kissing over a tower of cakes for prosperity? Hello….donut bar!
  • Food: Four-course meals are not needed. Depending on the time of day, locations, facilities, and can do all kinds of creative food things! Food bar, banquet, finger foods and culturally themed food items are all a go.
  • Have a DIY bar. Now, this is fun and unique! Whether it is an ice-cream bar, candy bar or cigar bar, it can be simple, fun and inexpensive.
  • Provide a Phone charging station.  A cute little table near an electrical outlet and a variety of phone chargers makes this a simple yet sometimes important detail. Provide a hashtag for all your guests to post those awesome wedding day photos!
  • Fancy invitations are not the most important part. Amazing does not have to mean expensive!  Your invitations should reflect the general theme of the wedding.  With today’s technology, you can design them yourself. Cha-ching! You just saved a bundle.
  • Friends make good officiants. Seriously, who else knows you so well? Get out there and ask around. Everyone knows an eloquent and likable friend that loves the spotlight.
  • Have an amazing send-off.  Some venues don’t allow rice to be thrown. Want amazing photos? Throw confetti instead. Better yet, for an evening wedding give guests sparklers and exit the party like a rock star.

In the end, your wedding should be a true expression of you and your honey. Make it a reflection of your love and personality. So many simple things can make a memorable and exciting wedding without breaking the bank.  Be creative and make it simply marvelous. Find all those great ideas, and think out of the box to save a ton of money.

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