Create a Marketing Plan to Save Time and Earn you More $$!

How to create a marketing plan


Anything with the word "plan" gives me total anxiety not gonna lie. My dad is a financial planner and all I can think of is spread sheets and those chart things with numbers on them and then I just black out and want to lie on the floor. Or option B, just check out and binge watch anything on Netflix. For instance, watching House of Cards for maybe the 5th time from start to finish.


Marketing though is something I really enjoy and I am really fascinated with. I recently had an artist friend ask me a genuine “why?” Like I said, I never liked accounting or anything like that. But, I am a people watcher. I am fascinated with how and why people do what they do in person and online. I like to test different content to see what gets more likes and gets more people to click on my links. I also like learning about it, talking about it, and all things about it.


However I want to be clear, the only thing you need to know to be a “marketing expert” is that your marketing tactics have to always be changing and they have to be genuine. You have to be selling something of quality that is actually going to make someone's life enhanced or better.


So I have read a lot, bought a lot and  taken a lot of classes on CREATING A MARKETING PLAN. However, I never put one into place. I just really have a hard time wanting to do anything that has the word plan in it. I though that by just doing it off the cuff naturally, I was doing a good enough job...


Until it didn’t!


I got really sick over the holidays and did not do anything to do with my marketing. Nothing. I posted on Instagram and that was it. Although that was something, I was really too sick to do anything else and plus I was so completely burnt out after last year. I was a single mom, going through a custody battle with my ex, shooting 24 weddings, running my own business, and being the soul provider for my son and I. I was tired and I just had to change everything. I wanted to have more time with my son. Less time stressing out about wedding albums, booking brides, getting everyone the information they need and worrying.... Am I forgetting something? 


So I sat in my house for 3 days and banged out a plan of how, what, why and when I was going to market myself with a budget of $0. After all, if I got sick again like this I did not want to have to be paying $$ for marketing.


At first I filled up a whole moleskin notebook with a bunch of random gibberish that made no sense and when I re-read it I kind of felt like a crazy person. So I decided I would start again. I started by saying what I wanted. Then how much time I wanted to spend on all this. What I was good at. What I was not good at, and what I could get someone else to do.


Then my marketing plan really started writing it’s self. I came up with 6 months of blog post titles. A whole month of social media posts. And then I spent $100 on Facebook adds over a month testing out my email funnels and inquiry responses to see what people connected with the most and made them want to book me.


Then this really cool thing happened. I sat back and all I had to do for the next month was just hit publish for my Instagram posts at certain times and I had the busiest 2 months ever. Did I mention that this was January and February? Now, I did not have the most amount of inquiries, I do want to be clear about that. But, every one who did contact me was pretty ready to book me either right away or they wanted to push back a few months so they could get in better shape or save up some $$.... but they still came in!


So 3 days (really 2 the first day was unproductive) and $100 in Facebook adds, I was back on my feet with easy jobs with cool people, and not this whole back and fourth, winging it on social media, and having to take any jobs that were coming my way. I saved money from any paid advertisement I was thinking of doing. I saved money by not spending countless hours on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram posting trying to get any attention to come to my website. 


So I liked that....! I wanted to do that again, but I got sick again and had no strength then to just edit the photos of my clients and get them to them. Then after those jobs were done there were crickets. I had recently redone my website and no one was contacting me. I had a pretty video and no one was contacting me. BECAUSE NO ONE WAS GOING TO MY WEBSITE TO SEE IT! 


Now people don’t just stumble upon your website like they used to with Instagram and Pinterest, they can get all the information they need on there and barely anyone goes on Google. So I decided I had to do more then just a month of marketing because I did not want to do this fast and furious life style any more. I had a savings account and I did have weddings booked up in the summer, but I just wanted to set up my marketing and social media on auto pilot and not be spending all my business time on those things. 


Once you know the message you want to send, Who you want it to be sent too and what you want to get out of it, you can easily make a plan and set it on auto pilot for as long as your feel ambitious. A month? Six months? A year? The sky is the limit you just need to have a plan!


Here is a workbook I created to help you get started with your plan. If you want more help or want me to help you do it check out more information I have here for you!