How to visually tell your brands story via instagram

How and why you want to create and authentic brand

The reasons why some marketing sticks and some does not can be baffling and frustrating. Branding is important, but why do some brands work and some do not? Well that part can be made out by some to be complicated, but in reality it can be pretty simple. It has to do with what your ideal target client connects with. Once you find out who your ideal client is and what is important to them, then you can figure out a way to connect with them.  No matter what, that connection can't be fake, it has to be authentic. It has to be real. In this day and age people see right thought you if you are fake or trying to be something you are not.


Now at first this may seem overwhelming, buy it's really not that hard. Once you have built your authentic brand it's then easier to sell your services as a photographer, and get more people to follow you and relate to you. True story!  Creating an authentic brand is a lot easier than most people think once they get over the first hurtle. Our mothers tried to help us with this but if you were like me, you didn't take most of what mother said serious.


Photographers and wedding photographers, more so, are an over saturated market. It is so easy to start out to be a photographer, but it is one of the hardest things to stay a photographer. You need to stand out in a sea of others. You need to be unique and you need to be different. You need to look different, shoot different, have a different website...however most importantly, you need to make people FEEL different. Your job and gift as a photographer is to make people feel better about themselves. 


This is how and why you need to create an authentic brand. If you are marketing yourself,m you have it just have to go with it. This will help you stand out in an over saturated market. You won't have to worry about competition and charging more, because you will have no competitors. It's also easy to stick to your brand because you are your brand. Work with me, so we can hone in on what makes!

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When growing up your mother always told you to be yourself and every one would like you. Today, creating an authentic brand is basically the same concept. If you're going to keep your brand consistent and true, it is the best way is to create a truly authentic brand, unique only to you, and in alignment with your beliefs and values.


However, there are so many other creative-photographer-entrepreneurs out there. how do we know if they are inspiring us or are we just mimicking them? It's easy to say that the only way you're going to stand out is to truly be yourself but how do we do this? How do we create a truly authentic brand? What does this even mean?


I think this means different things to different people, but lets make this crazy simple and say that all in all, it means creating a brand that's based on you: What you like to do.  What kind of books you like to read. What clothes you like to wear. What you name your dog. What your house looks like.  All of these things are part of your brand and will attract your ideal client.  Let's face it, your idea client is basically you...with a much larger income or budget to spend.


Now that you've created this authentic brand, how do you present it?  How do you sell this authentic brand and present this information in a easy to interpret, clear and simple way, for your followers and audience? 


Well, that is the easy part, just...

  • Post what you have seen, that you like.
  • Post inspirational quotes to you, that you know your ideal client will like.
  • Post your remarkable work.
  • Check back in with your values to make sure you are still going along with them, and not just posting and blogging content to get attention or fit in with what every one else is doing.


I know I have said this before, but know your values. Stay true to what is important to you. Stay true to the message that you want to get across, and occasionally check back in. It's easy to get off the path, so I like to check in frequently and ask, "If where I'm going, is where I'm wanting to go?".  Check out the Aperture Slayer Society. It's open for enrollment again and is taking a limited number of applicants. If this is something you need more help with and want to have some one-on-one coaching, along with being part of amazing mastermind group,  get more information here and fill out an application.